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Shaving Pack

Shaving Pack

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Perfection for the man who loves a clean shave. 

-Perfectly prepares the skin for preening
-Perfectly affordable. Ideal indulgent gift
-Perfectly pure, all-natural, vegan soap bar
-Pairs perfectly with your choice of razor
-Pairs perfectly with Man Care Oil for extra smooooth skin 

We told you. Perrrfection.

-Solid shaving soap bar. Hand cut to roughly 8x6x3cm (100g)
-Man Care Oil for extra nourished, soft skin
-Scented with natural Australian essential oils
-Perfectly packaged plastic-free. In a handy travel tin for the guy on the go

The Shaving Pack includes

Solid Shaving Bar
Ingredients: Saponified Macadamia Oil, Saponified Grapeseed Oil, Saponified Macadamia Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Rosemary Flower oil, Rosewood Wood Oil

Man Care Oil
Ingredients: Saponified Argan Oil, Saponified Rice Bran Oil, Saponified Almond Oil, Essential Oils


Best bits:

100% Natural and Vegan

Certified Choose Cruelty Free

Certified palm-oil free with the Orangutan Alliance

Born, bred and hand-made in Melbourne. Certified Australian Made

Specially-made, sustainable plastic-free packaging. Compostable and recyclable.

The ultimate gift for men who love a clean, cool shave. 

For those wanting their face to feel like a baby’s bottom while smelling divine and kiss-worthy. You’ll love – he’ll love – the Shaving Pack.

The Shaving Pack has two of men’s favourite products. Our special Shaving Soap and magical Man Care Oil. Luxurious items – great for skin, great for the planet. 

Packaged together in a nifty travel tin. Ideal for on-the-go. Whether that’s freshening up after fitness, going away overnight or a trip to the Bahamas (or anywhere else that takes your fancy)

All he needs to do is add his choice of razor. 

Show you care. 

The Shaving Pack is a gift to show you care. Sounds strange uh?

Shaving soap replaces shaving cream. More often than not, commercial brands contain terrible toxins. Smearing chemicals onto skin is likely to cause skin allergies and irritations. 

Cheap chemicals added to the squirty-type help it lather. Settle for a little less lather with natural soap and oils knowing you’re doing our planet and your skin a favour. 

This gift is ideal for an effortless shave. The soap conditions skin for the razor to easily glide over, and the oil soothes and nourishes. Skin is left hydrated and smooth. 

Planet Perfect. Plastic-free. Biodegradable. Made with all-natural ingredients. No animal cruelty. Vegan. Paraben and palm-oil free. That’s what we call caring!



I have sensitive skin. Is this soap right for me?


The soap in this pack is pure plant oils and ideal for shaving if you have sensitive skin.

Perfect for those with irritable skin. Or those with skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis. 


Does this shaving soap smell?

It certainly does. Loved by men, women and everyone else. 

The scent has a refreshing, zesty vibe. Made with ginger, rosemary, and rosewood pure essential oils. 

You’ll experience full aromatic bliss without the stress of skin-irritating perfumes.  


Can I use this shaving soap on all body parts?

Use wherever you like. This soap is safe whatever part of your body you want to shave. Yep, that includes your face, legs, back … or your privates. 

Gentle, cruelty-free formula. Doesn’t cause any irritation, razor rash or shaving bumps. Just smooth, fresh skin. 

We lovingly hand-make our all-natural soaps. Designed to cleanse the skin of impurities without the use of harsh ingredients like parabens and sulphates. These are known to dry and irritate the skin. 

We use high-grade Australian plant oils that leave skin clean and moisturised. Our slow-set soap making method preserves the healing properties of the oils.

So, whenever you’re ready to preen any part of your body, put your trust in our Shaving Soap.


How does shaving cream come in a bar?

Our Solid Shaving Soap bar generates a rich lather with very little water. This lather creates a smooth, slippery surface for your razor to glide across, saving your skin from painful nicks and cuts. 

A little goes a long way.

Pure plant oils mean it’s not only a comfortable shave, it’ll soothe, nourish and moisturise the skin. It generally means much less irritation, even for those with sensitive skin.

No need for shaving creams full of chemicals. Just natural ingredients squashed together to create a solid bar.


How do I get shaving soap to lather?

All you need to do is rub the soap in your palms and work up a lather. Apply to the areas you wish to shave. 

Alternatively, apply directly to wet skin

Not all shaving products are created equal 

You’ll notice natural shaving soap doesn’t give you the same luscious lather that commercial creams give you. But don’t be fooled. 

Foaming agents are super-duper cheap. They get added by the bucket load to shaving creams. Serving no purpose except creating a thick, foamy lather. 

For these products – bubbles mean baddies. Usually the copious creamy stuff is made of artificial detergents, full of chemicals. Not good for anyone’s skin.


How much plastic does it save?

Tonnes. Literally tonnes.

We don’t use or wrap our soaps in plastic. The bespoke gift box is made from recycled aluminium.  

Using a solid soap shaving bar creates enough lather to last a loooong time. (Unless you leave it sitting in the shower) By making the simple switch to our shaving soap, you can save dozens of plastic bottles throughout the year. That adds up quickly. Much less waste to landfill and less pollution in the ocean. That’s a win for everyone and every sea creature.

Our biodegradable packaging and eco-friendly formulas mean that with one small change, you can do the planet a HUGE favour.

Thank you!


How should I store my soap to get the best out of it?

Good question.

Last year 74,000 people slipped on soap in the shower. Of those, 95% bruised their behind.

 The blame lies firmly with slippery soaps. 

… OK, we admit it. We totally made that up. 

But, the truth is, soap is a slippery thing – especially when it’s left wet. Some soaps harden up pretty-fast – usually the ones full of nasties and toxins. 

When it comes to the pure, natural kind-hearted soap, like ours, they squirm and squeal when left in water or steamy areas. 

Our soaps ooze premium plant oils to give outstanding cleaning powers. Those powers will be used quickly if the soap is left sitting in water, or under a dripping tap, or in a moist, unventilated shower. 

To get the best out of your soap, store on a well-drained soap holder. Your soap will thank you for it (your behind will thank you too).