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Tampons, pads and panty liners along with their packaging and individual wrapping generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and they all contain plastic – pads are about 90% plastic!

The average user throws away an astonishing 125 to 150kg of tampons, pads and applicators in their lifetime.

Plastic waste ends up in a landfill or, even worse in the oceans, rivers and beaches.

The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill is centuries longer than the lifespan of the individual who used it – particularly when it’s wrapped in plastic.

Aside from the environmental impacts, many of these products contain bleach and other chemicals that increase the toxic load in our body and homes.

Fortunately there is a variety of sustainable, reliable and easy to use products for the modern woman! 

Make the switch to reusable today!


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