All About Biodegradable Eco Glitter

What is it made from?

Biodegradable Eco Glitter is made from plants instead of petrochemicals. Since it is not made from plastic that breaks down into harmful microplastics, it fully biodegrades over time.

Gum leaves are used in the production of our glitter but a number of other plants can be used as well. The process used to make bioglitter is very similar to the creation of cellophane. Biodegradable glitter also contains a small amount of non toxic metals to give it shine and dyes to give it colour. 

Our glitter does not contain plastic. Some biodegradable glitters are made with an older method and still contain up to 15% plastic. Our glitter is proudly plastic free.

How does it biodegrade?

In the right scenario, with the presence of heat, water and oxygen, biodegradable glitter will fully decompose leaving no microplastics. This process can take as little as 2 months in perfect conditions such as in a compost. In other scenarios such as in the landfill or nature it will take longer, possibly years depending on the conditions. For example, it will decompose much quicker in the rainforest than it will in the desert.

Biodegradable glitter is suitable for anaerobic digestion therefore if a marine animal unintentionally consumes it, it will break down during digestion. Plastic glitter does not do this and remains in the animal creating microplastics that remain in the food chain indefinitely.

Is it safe to use on my body?

Yes. We recommend using our cosmetic grade glitter on the body only. The cosmetic grade glitter is soft to touch and manufactured to cosmetic standards. The dyes used are safest for the body and the cuts are also smoother.

Avoid getting glitter in your eyes, especially craft glitter. Many people don't heed to all advice when it comes to beauty but it is advisable to keep glitter above the eyebrows and below the cheekbones. 

If you get any glitter in your eyes, avoid rubbing and use eye drops and irrigations to remove the glitter. If it persists, visit your doctor.

Eating glitter is not advisable.

How do I apply glitter?

For light wear body glitter can be applied on top of moisturiser, facial oil, face paint or aloe gel.

For stronger hold if you are dancing all night long or in wet conditions you can use any glitter adhesive that is already availableon the market.

Apply with a brush or cotton swab to keep bacteria out of glitter pot. There is a large variety of products on the market for glitter adhesion and application. 

How do I remove it?

Dab some oil or oil-based makeup remover on a cotton round or tissue to remove glitter. When removing glitter from your face, swipe out and away from your eyes.
Use a fresh side, or fresh round, for each swipe until the glitter is gone.  

How do I store it?

To maximize the shelf life of your glitter it is a good idea to keep your glitter mixes cool, dry and clean. You can keep body glitter for at least two years this way and longer for craft glitter.

Don't worry, it will not degrade in the package.

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