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Why choose Reusable Menstrual Products?

Reduce Landfill Waste

In Australia alone, 18,000 tonnes of sanitary waste going to landfill every year. Sanitary products are made primarily of plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Switching to reusables is a striking example of how seemingly small personal choices can have a tremendous positive impact on our environment.

Health Benefits 

Do you ever wonder what is in the disposable pads and tampons? Created with bleach, dyes and chemicals these products are exposed to to most sensitive parts of our bodies. There is long term health implications of this exposure. Some women experience irritations or allergies from using menstrual products. 

Reusable menstrual products eliminate the risk.

Save Money

Reusable products pay for themselves quickly. It is surprising how quickly the cost of pads and tampons add up!

Disposables-$120 per year
Cloth pads-$30 per year
Menstrual cup- $5 per year

*Based on an average of $10 per month for disposables, $150 for cloth pads that last five years and $55 for menstrual cups that last for ten years.

Browse our reusable pads, underwear and menstrual cups and make the switch today!


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