Silicone Bowl Covers
Silicon Bowl Covers Set of 6
Silicon Bowl Covers Set of 6

Silicon Bowl Covers Set of 6

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End your relationship with single use plastic once and for all!

These silicone lids fit over square and round containers. They also go over cut fruit such as apples, oranges and melons. Just choose the size closest to your bowl, dish, container or half-eaten fruit and stretch it over.

This set contains:

  • 6 reusable silicone food covers, various sizes
  • Made from food-safe, sand-derived silicone (NO plastics)
  • Heat safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe food covers
  • Airtight, leak-proof seal, (just make sure whatever you're stretching it over is dry)
  • Our silicone storage covers work even with hot food
  • Silicone bowl covers aren't biodegradable but are recyclable in some councils

Lids that put your cling wrap to shame.