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Bamboo is sustainable alternative to plastic.

The bamboo we use is sustainably harvested. Bamboo can grown over a 3 feet a day in the right conditions without any pesticides! This makes bamboo harvestable in 3-4 years and a choice material. 

Our products are made from Moso bamboo a variety that is not eaten by pandas and do not take from their food source.

Our toothbrushes are packed in a recyclable paper box made of recycled paper.

Our cutlery sets come in a beautiful Eden Ecos travel bag.

Bamboo keep cups are durable and sustainable. Great for your daily cuppa but also adored by kids.

Bamboo is antimicrobial

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, this is why bamboo is preferred for the production of cutting boards.

Our toothbrushes and cutlery sets are coated in a light food grade and toxin free wax. This assists in keeping mould off and creates a smooth finish.

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