Helpful Tips to Reduce Waste and Use FOGO

Not all these suggestions may suit your household but making a few slow changes could make a big difference in your weekly waste production.
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Get the kids involved 

Kids recycle

You may be surprised how much your children already know about minimising waste and recycling.
Set them a challenge to see how little waste the family can make in a week. Can we get rid of the inside rubbish bin all together? Can they think of creative ways to reuse packaging and potential rubbish? Can they choose something other than that new toy and think of another treat or second hand item? How about getting a library card or checking out your local​ toy library? Would the kids like to help bake some homemade treats instead of buying packaged foods?

Break old habits

If possible, remove your old rubbish bin from the house or its current location so you need to think before chucking something in it. This is especially helpful with 'forgetful' teenagers or family members.
Take the time to find out who in the area can take your old products and make them new, some times for money! Join a local buy and sell and turn your trash into cash. Many community groups will take furniture and old electronics to fix up! Groups like the Bega Remakery can help.
Before you chuck it think 'can this serve another purpose or person'? Chances are it can!

Think about waste at the source

Can you find a reusable alternative to your everyday products? Shop locally, if shopping online, ask your seller to consider their packaging options. Try reusable straws, reusable bags, bring your own containers for takeaway if your shop allows, buy bulk if it is an option.
Can you start using cloth nappies, even if just when it is most convenient? The bonus is saving money too! How about alternative to wipes, homemade wipes can save money and be composted.
Change to compostable dog waste bags. Maybe it is time to start a family garden plot or spend more time at local markets buying delicious local fresh produce.
Plan ahead to avoid food waste. Make a meal plan and shop with a list. Cook with your leftovers and store leftovers properly so they keep longer. Use plastic containers, beeswax wraps or silicon covers instead of plastic wrap to further reduce waste.

Start recycling your soft plastics

If it scrunches put it in. Soft plastics make up a lot of our general waste. In Australia, Coles and Woolies collect soft plastics for Redcycle who turns them into heaps of useful products. Collect your soft plastic in a soft plastic bag and bring it in when full with your shopping. In our household our old rubbish bin is now our soft plastics bin.

Talk to your friends.

They may have tips and solutions that you didn't even think of. That's what friends are for 😉
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