Pop Tabs Mouthwash Tablets

Pop Tabs Mouthwash Tablets

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Sometimes, all you need is a fresh hit to be ready to tackle everything the day brings. However, it's important that your mouthwash has proven anti-bacterial, anti-cavity, and anti-plaque benefits.This mouthwash features Zinc, CPC, and Erythritol to deliver a boost to oral health and fresh breath. Why do you think PopGirl has such great pearly whites?

Our mouthwash is great value for money, being around the same monthly cost as equivalent bottles in the supermarket - minus the plastic!

Directions: After brushing, just Pop! a tablet into your mouth, chew it, then sip about 5-10ml of water. Swish and spit!

Ingredient List:
Acacia Gum
Zinc Glutamate
Sodium Monofluorophosphate
Magnesium Stearate
Peppermint Oil
Cetylperinidium Chloride

Note: Our mouthwash tablets are moisture sensitive, so it should be kept in a jar or tin at all times. Vegan, palm oil free, plastic-free, kiwi made, and cruelty free!