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Patch Bandages
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Patch Bandages

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The original eco plaster!

A world-first in wound care, PATCH is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to common first-aid. We developed PATCH with both your skin and the planet in mind. Breathable, plastic free, hypo-allergenic and made to stick!


+ soft, breathable bamboo for faster healing

+allergy free for those sensitive to bandages

+ non-toxic adhesive

+ double-layered, natural bamboo pad

+ organic bamboo fibre contains a range of compounds that provide antioxidant, skin-soothing and astringent properties

+ custom woven, organically sourced & mechanically-pulped bamboo fabric 

Choose from 3 types of bandages

With aloe vera for burns and blisters

With coconut oil to speed up healing and prevent scaring, kids love these cute panda printed bandage

The original patch bandage - great all around bandage for those with sensitivities